This early variety is just right for the Canadian short season garden. It has solid tight heads, weighs in at 3-4 lbs. and matures in 60-70 days from transplant.
Sow seeds in April to transplant out to the garden in late spring.
Makes a great early Sauerkraut prebiotic vegetable for those health consciencnous gardeners. Great coleslaw too!
FYI: A word about the cabbage moth that lays its eggs on cabbage and all Brassica species. The eggs hatch out as green grubs that chew up the leaves. Sprinkle a watering can of water and dissolved Epsom salts with a little organic dish soap over your seedlings and plants every week or 2nd week. Those grubs do not like the salts but the cabbage can use the potassium to grow. It's all science!
100 seeds @ $5.95 per packet

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