Asparagus- Sweet Purple

We have tried all kinds of asparagus and this ornamental is the sweetest with a nutty flavour. Grows just like regular green asparagus.

You cannot find this at the local grocery store, so you must grow it yourself! Well worth the effort. The perennial vegetable that keeps on gifting year after year.

High yielding, disease resistant and cold hardy, we are in zone 4. It prefers to clay/loam soil, full sun and in a well-drained area of the garden. A great perennial vegetable for early summer harvest and permaculture. 

Tip: Plant the roots with the nodes or eyes facing upwards. Cover with 4 inches of topsoil, add compost and mulch with straw. Your roots will produce well for many years with little care, simply add compost every year and keep the patch weed free. Plant in early spring or late fall.

Available & dug in April 2024

5 mature roots for $19.95 

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