Date Plum-seeds

Diospyros lotus, with common names date-plum, Caucasian persimmon, native to temperate Asia and southeast Europe. Its English name derives from the small fruit, which have a taste reminiscent of both plums and dates. It is among the oldest plants in cultivation.

 It was known to the ancient Greeks as "God's fruit" ( Diós pŷrós), hence the scientific name of the genus. Its English name probably derives from Persian Khormaloo خرمالو literally "date-plum", referring to the taste of this fruit. They are used as fresh fruits or after frost, but usually dried. Drying and frost destroy their tartness.

The tree grows in the lower and middle mountain zones in the Caucasus. 

Hardy to zone 7, may grow in lower zones with seed selection. Can stand -15C. It is cultivated at the northern limits of its range, as well as in the U.S. and North Africa.

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