Tomato-Captain Peacock's Cherry Tomato Mix (organic)

This popular mix is so much fun for children as they snack their way through the garden. Colors come in purple, red, yellow, orange and the best part is that they are all early maturing (from transplant) so you don't have to wait till the snow falls. All are staking varieties, productive, performed very well here on our farm and are garden winners! Packets are individually filled by hand so that you get exactly a minimum of 5 different varieties.

Tip: Sow tomato seed in a free draining organic soil mix in March and plant the tomato seedlings in the garden when the soil warms up and threat of frost is past. We plant all our tomato seedlings June 10th. Planting early in cold soil will only shock the plant, it will not mature earlier.

25 seeds per packet @ $12.95

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