Traditionally, mustard has been used as a condiment. On our farm, we use it as a bio-fumigant for persistent crop pests, soil fertility plow down and as a late fall forage crop for our honey bees. Mustard will take light frosts or light dusting of snow and bloom till November in this location. The late nectar source, when nothing else is available, will help sustain the bees for a long winter ahead. We BEE-lieve that this hard to find variety which has super spicy nectar helps with the mite problem.....the mites don't like the spicy honey stores of this variety, it may interrupt the varroa life cycle! A great option for organic beekeepers. This variety has not been grown in Canada since the 1970's.

The picture shown here is a field of our mustard that we have grown for our apiary. A bee's dream on those cold November days. Our bees are happy bees. 

Untreated seed & non-gmo. 

Approx. 25,000 seeds per 1/4 lb. (115 grams) $7.95 per pkt.

Approx. 100,000 seeds per 1 pound (454 grams) @ $19.95 per pkt.

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