Corn-Variegated Popcorn (Organic)

This was indeed a challenge, to improve the original genetic integrity to withstand drought and to produce in a short season.

This variety is such a BEEautiful stand bye ornamental vegetable for background garden borders. The cobs are uniform, brilliant and edible. What more can a gardener ask for in a variety?

The leaves are variegated white, cream, pink, green, purple. The cobs are uniform and full. The tassels are dark purple. The kernels can be dried, stored dry and used as a healthy popcorn snack during the winter months. Children love growing this variety because they really see the beneficial results as a fun family snack.

Tip: to get an early start on the growing season, sow seed in a seeding mix in flats, plant transplants out in the warm garden soil after threat of frost. Note: corn will cross with other varieties.

25 seeds @ $9.95 per packet

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