Chinese Chestnut-nuts

Back in stock for fall of 2023!

Chinese chestnut trees are a medium sized tree, it may start producing nuts in the 5th year depending on soil fertility and favourable climate conditions.  Atlantic wild truffles can be grown symbiotic with this variety.

Bake chestnuts on a cookie sheet at 380F for 20-25 minutes until their skins peel away. Great wildlife tree for permaculture application.

Wikipedia has a good description and information on the origins of this species.

Nuts must be cold moist stratified, plant straight out in deep pots or planted in fall in a permanent position in the garden but protect from squirrels!

Nut trees have a taproot therefore be careful when transplanting. Zone 5. May grow in a lower zone with protection. Make your selections, genetics will vary growing from seed. Much hardier than the Italian varieties.


5 nuts per packet @ $19.95 

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