Celery-Prizewinner (Pelleted)

We have grown this variety for many years, and it has tolerated drought, mild frost and leaf diseases. Our customers rant and wave about this variety.

Celery has been touted the miracle science detox vegetable in the "Medical Medium"  book. See this website.

Medical Medium: Celery Juice for PCOS, Fibroids, & Endometriosis

A little celery a day may keep the doctor away?

Our celery seed is pelleted with calcium to help in the ease of sowing because the seed is like dust!

  Grow celery in a partially shaded area of the garden in warm fertile soil. We grow our celery seedlings underneath our Blue Spruce trees where they are protected from mid summer hot sun and also sheltered from early  & late frost in our short season.

Start celery seeds in March to transplant out to the garden in late May. 

Limited quantity.

50 seeds @ $7.95 per packet (pelleted with calcium) 

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