Carrot-Captain Peacock's Crazy Carrot Mix-pelleted seed

This award winning carrot seed mix includes red, yellow, orange and purple that can be used fresh or cooked. We have chosen tasty varieties that are disease resistant and store well.

The seed is pelleted, coated with clay for easy handling and sowing, a great alternative for a child to manage or arthritic hands. Also, labour saving! Larger seed can easily be spaced farther apart at sowing time which eliminates the need to thin out crowded seedlings. Your seed will go farther too.

Tip: Carrots should be sown in cool, moist and well prepared soil in early spring. One of our customers sows her carrot seeds in late fall and the seeds naturally sprout in early spring when the growing conditions are conducive to carrot growing.

100 pelleted seeds per pkt. @ $7.95

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