This heirloom beet grows humongous and can reach 40 lbs. Surprise your friends. Fun for kids. Mostly grown as a "competition" variety. The skins are bright red and the flesh is white to pinkish. Can be pickled, fermented or baked.

Originally grown as a dual purpose beet both for household and farm use. Pull smaller beets for table use and the larger ones can be used as fodder or cover crop to re-condition the soil.

Not widely available anymore. You can save seed by overwintering the root and re-planting the root the following spring. Beets are a BI-annual, which means that they go to seed in the second year.

We start our seeds early in cell packs and then transplant out to the garden in late spring when the ground is slightly warm and moist. To grow the big monsters, side dress with lots of compost!

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