Basil- Organican (Organic)

A uniform upright Genovese type basil which can be used in pot culture or fresh market production. Leaves are downy mildew resistant and works very well in organic systems.

Basil prefers well drained and warm soils in an open sunny position. Basil dislikes cold and wet weather. If you are living in the Maritimes then check out our newest basil variety "Maritime" which would be better suited to your climate.

Basil is used in culinary and also in both Chinese and Auyovedic medicine. It can be used as a tea for digestive upset and for both colds and coughs.

See this site for more information on pdf "How Basil Heals in Traditional Chinese Medicine" by Paul O'Brien.  

Start seeds in March in a starter soil seeding mixture, moist soil to the touch and in a warm spot for good germination. Plant out in warm soils after the threat of frost and the days are consistently warm. 

75 seeds per packet @ 5.95

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