Garlic & Potatoes


We plant all of our potatoes after the Strawberry Full Moon, usually around June 15th. At this time the soil has warmed up and the life cycle of the potato beetle has past. Your potatoes may rot if planted too early in cold wet soil and also, encourages the life cycle of the potato beetle.

Plant approx. 2 feet apart with compost and kelp in deep fertile soil. Kelp has over 60 trace minerals, is a natural growth hormone, pest deterrent and adds some frost tolerance. A little goes a long way. Check out our fertilizer and cover crop section.

Mulch your plants to maintain soil moisture, moderate soil temperature and smother weed seedlings.



In Central Ontario, garlic cloves should be planted by the end of October for harvest in Mid July of the following year. The cloves may start growing if planted too early.  Plant 4 inches deep in a well drained site with plenty of compost. 

Garlic is a perennial crop and some varieties do better in colder environments than others. We have sourced varieties that can get through our tough winters and grow in our heavy clay soil. There are as many different garlic varieties as there are tomatoes varying in flavour, size and hardiness.   

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