Raspberry- Nova-canes

Bred in 1981 in beautiful Nova Scotia and soon to be classified as heritage! Tangy flavourful berries and near thorn-less stems. Our local commercial you-pick berry guru swears by this variety and this is the one we grow.

Another variety for the organic gardener for most parts of Canada. Hardy down to zone 2, resistant to most cane diseases and can withstand the heat as well as the cold.

Plant canes as early as possible in cool moist soil, our canes will be ready for April shipping. 

Location: well drained, loamy soil in full sun. Add plenty of compost for fertility and production. All fruit & berry cultivars thrive and do best with heaping amounts of compost which imitates mother nature's forest biome. 

Fruits in the 2nd year from planting on biennial canes.

Please Pay for the Heavy Goods Shipping as these roots will require a box.

3 X bare root canes  for $24.95

Available April 2022.


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