Tree-Asimina triloba (paw paw) Northern strain

  1. Asimina Triloba is North America's largest fruit. We have gone to great lengths to provide this item. Our paw paw seeds were collected from the farthest most northern point of the Carolinian Forest which reaches Southern Ontario, Canada. Wild specimens have survived winters of -35C.  Paw Paw will grow best near a riverbank that provides moisture and deep rich soil.
  2. New varieties can be grown out from seed and selected for flavour, hardiness, size etc.  Germination is excellent but experienced growing skills and patience are needed with this species as it takes 2-3 months to germinate. Once the seedling germinates, do not let dry out, that's why they grow on river banks. If you have a dry rocky garden, this is NOT the tree for you.
  3. The price reflects the cost of hiring a qualified forester to obtain this very rare species out of the wild.
  4. Please note: the climate here is changing and has been erratic over the past few decades, therefore, seed harvest is not always available every year. We only sell fresh seeds.
  5. Must be refrigerated or sown upon receipt!!!! Do not freeze. Limited quantity.

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