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"Seeds are the wealth under pinning food production systems and the currency for food security".

We are a family owned seed company that specializes in breeding and growing our own seed varieties for vegetables, flowers, herbs and very rare edible perennials specially for organic gardening and short seasons. 

 Our breeding focus is disease resistance, pest resistance and production. Over the years, we have won many awards for our vegetables.

All of our seeds are non-treated, not patented and not genetically modified to provide you with the "GENETICS" to start your own natural strain of resilient plants for your own regional adaptive application or plant breeding program.

Our farm and production fields are located in Kawartha Lakes, Ontario, Canada.

We celebrated our 10th year anniversary in 2019 for organic seed production.

 Our Seed & Agricultural Philosophy

We have stayed true and committed to our own beliefs, to a natural comprehensive organic enterprise.  We believe that the foundation of agriculture, no matter which branch, is founded upon sustainable and holistic management practices that produce healthy soils, plants, food and environments for ALL species in our global community.

"Certified" organic seeds are not genetically modified, nor are they treated with fungicides or pesticides. Organic seeds are bred to perform in organic gardens with strong natural disease/pest resistance and drought/cold tolerance for climate change. Organic seeds are grown from plants in organically managed systems that focus on soil and plant health. Enhanced soil fertility is improved with natural fertilizers, cover crop residue and rotation. Soils are regenerated, plants thrive and the environment is protected. 

Our farming system includes  rotational cropping management for soil and crop health, a 55 ac. ecological reserve for wildlife, an apiary for seed pollination/production, 32 acres of native tree seedlings ( 28,000 seedlings) to stabilize water runoff during spring thaw and to encourage endangered bird species and beneficial insects.


To provide a comprehensive shopping experience, we also offer very rare "wild crafted" seed varieties such as the farthest northern known source of wild paw paw (largest native fruit in America), nut trees include Shagbark hickory, Black walnut, Butternut, all of which were once native and now almost extinct. All wild crafted seeds are sustainably sourced. By growing out these very rare accessions, you are ensuring the genetic survival of once very abundant and necessary food sources for native wildlife and pollinators that evolved along side of those plant species. Thank you!    

We wish you a productive growing season.

BEE healthy & happy!

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