Tuberous Pea-Hardy

Tuberous Pea is hardy in zone 4 and a true perennial legume.

 Lathyrus tuberosus was grown widely in the 1600's for its fragrance, its appearance and its edible tubers. Sometimes called ground nut.

In the 16th century flowers of the plant were distilled to produce perfume. In the 18th century in the Lower Rhine Valley of Germany and in the Netherlands it was grown on a larger scale. After harvesting, tubers were cooked or roasted for human nutrition. The root legume is said to have a "gentle nutty flavor" was in demand on French markets. It is still eaten in rural parts of Turkey today.

Lathyrus tuberosus succeeds on soils where other crops fail to grow, due to being adapted to a broad range of conditions and sequestering its own nitrogen from the air.

It has potential but selections must be made to obtain the largest tubers for cultivation and breeding stock.  Another fun project.

The tubers shown are from first year seedlings.

Very rare in commerce. 

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