Sumac-5 yr. old sapling

One 5 year old whip for $49.95. Great value for those who are not familiar with growing from seed which needs patience, skill and time.

Our sumac whips are sustainably wild crafted from large populations less than a mile from our farm. They grow in gravelly well drained soil in full sun.

A small tree, more shrub like that prefers dry, sunny and well drained site. Very hardy in zone 3-4. This shrub makes an eye catching ornamental and the honey bees are very much attracted to it making Sumac Blossom Honey. The bright red berry buds are full of natural vitamin C with a citrusy lemony flavour. Very ornamental as part of an outside Christmas bouquet or decoration and tough enough to look awesome through the cold months of winter.

The Mohegan tribes gargled a tea made from the berry buds to treat a sore throat and also used it for urinary and stomach disorders. It is used as a spice in Chinese and East Indian dishes. We use it as part of a spice rub for steak.

To make sparkling sumac lemonade: boil 2 cups of water & 2 cups of organic cane sugar to make a syrup. Let cool. Grind the sumac berries to a powder & add 3 tablespoons to the syrup mixture and refrigerate. 1 cup of club soda to 1/4 cup of sumac syrup, add lemon wedges, ice cubes and serve. A wonderful, healthy and refreshing drink on those hot summer days.

One 5 year old whip $49.95

Available April 2023

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