Saffron bulbs

More expensive than gold!

Saffron is a spice which comes from the stigma and styles called threads. within the flower. It takes approximately 150,000 flowers to make one Kilogram of spice.

Saffron is very expensive because the "threads" must be collected by hand, growing conditions must be just right for harvest and may only be available for a brief 5 days out of the year. The threads must then be cured to be preserved.

Ninety percent of the saffron comes from Iran where the climate is dry part of the year. Plants will thrive in zone 4-8. Must grow in sandy loam and very well-drained area in full sun. Mulch lightly for winter. 

Growing your own Saffron spice is definitely a labour of love. Tip: Grow bulbs in a rock garden or pot of soil and scree. Grow on in a cool and sunny area. Once the flowers bloom and the threads collected, the soil must gradually dry to c ure the bulbs following nature's rhythms for that species. A growth cycle and a dry rest cycle. 


Harvest and grading for top size for shipping starting again end of Sept. through to October 2024.

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