Passion Flower Vine- Northern Maypop


There are approx. 550 species that exist in the Neotropics. There is only 1 species that can be grown in the milder and coastal regions of Canada.

All parts of the plant are edible and the exotic fruit is sweet and tangy. It is used in the herbal industry as a remedy for anxiety, nervousness, insomnia, and menopause. 

The flowers are very large attracting giant moths and humming birds. Well worth the effort. A wonderful project of "Passion"!

We have seen our passion flower plants (vines) completely frozen solid in pots, then to recover a week later from the roots which means the plants can be grown from seed and "selected" for hardiness. An abundance of mulch for the winter months is highly recommended. We are located in a zone 4b !!!

More on this species here: Passiflora incarnata - Wikipedia

The pictures are credited to Wikipedia.

Start your seeds in pots to germinate with a soil-less well drained mix. Grow mature plants in full sun or partial shade in deep fertile, well drained garden soil. It will not grow in heavy clay or wet soils.  Mulch heavily for winter.

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