Dahlia-Edible Oddyssey

YES! Flowers and roots are edible! This is definitely a fun project.

Over a period of 10 years, the genetics have been selected for edible roots, crisp texture much like Yacon. The flowers and leaves are much like the Dahlia Bishop's Children. Flowers are similar to large single petaled daisy type and can be used in flower arrangements or garnish.

Grows between 2-3 feet. We recommend starting seeds in a well draining soil-less planting mix in pots. Transplant seedlings to larger pots, tubers will form as the days get shorter just like in the Andes. Store tubers in a root cellar for winter storage to plant out in the garden the following spring. Dahlias are NOT hardy.

Rare-Very Limited Quantities. You are paying for years of genetic selection.

$9.95 per packet of 15 seeds

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