Chervil-French Parsley (Organic)

Chervil is a herb that can be used as a culinary delight, in a tea or as a medicinal. It is part of the parsley plant family used in egg recipes, salads, soups and Béarnaise sauce  which is a rich, buttery, aromatic sauce made with shallots, tarragon or chervil and black peppercorns. It has a sweet anise-licorice flavour, lovely in mixed herbal teas.

Dr. Axe has done an informative job on his website about the uses, benefits and recipes of French Parsley. Educate yourself from legitimate sources. The learning is as rewarding as the growing.  Grows much faster than regular parsley. It is a hardy annual and does well in the cool spring and fall when perhaps other plants struggle.

What Is Chervil? Benefits, Uses, Recipes, Side Effects and More - Dr. Axe (

 Sow seeds straight out to warm fertile garden soil in late spring when the soil is moderate and moist in a partially shaded area of the garden. Flowers are edible too, let a few flowers go to seed so that you have volunteers the following year:-)

Fresh seeds are important to good germination for this species.

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