Muskmelon- Tuscan (Organic)

A muskmelon is not a cantaloupe. This variety is bigger, firmer and sweeter than a cantaloupe. High brix, good shipability, early and productive. Resistant to Fusarium wilt. Great for organic gardens.

It is an heirloom melon with a very sweet taste and early at 85 days from transplant in warm soils. Average weight is 3 pounds but large fruits. I was standing in line at an Asian grocery store and an elderly lady next to me suggested that I buy this variety and she said, " it will help you with digestion before or after a meal". So I followed her advice and here it is.

Get a jump on short seasons with this wonderful sweet variety. Start seeds beginning of May to transplant out in warm fertile soil first week of June. Melons grow best in raised beds in short season areas. They do not do well in cold wet heavy soils.

Limited quantity.

20 seeds per packet @ $9.95

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