Apios Americana-wild

Apios Americana vine is sometimes called potato bean, groundnut or cinnamon vine. It grows on the edges of sandy riverbanks or the edges of forests in well drained soils. The tubers can be dug in fall, parboiled and eaten. Three times more protein than the potato and has a nutty taste. It is an undomesticated food crop except in Japan where it is cultivated as a specialty crop. It has a long history being a food staple for the Indigenous peoples. Many other health benefits and used medicinally. You will have to do your research to find out more on that.

The perennial vine is naturally nitrogen fixating and it does not require nitrogen fertilizer. It can be used in permaculture or an alternative crop application. Two years for full sized tubers.

The pictures shown here and the tubers you will get are from one large patch growing on the northerly boundaries of the Kawartha Lakes, zone 4. 

Plant out in fall 1-2 inches deep in a very well drained area much like in the wild. Supply a generous portion of well rotted leaf compost on top-NO nitrogen please.

Very Limited Quantity due to one known source. Tubers are harvested sustainably.

Shipping spring 2024

3 tubers for $19.95          

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