Anise Hyssop (Organic)

Grow like regular Hyssop. This variety is anise scented, almost smells of licorice.

This perennial plant can be used medicinally and in culinary. It is a nectar producing plant for honey bees and beneficial insects. It can be dried and used as a tea or raw in a smoothie. Hyssop honey is fragrant, delicate and very rare. 

Medicinally the Cherokee have used it for coughs, colds, sore throats, respiratory problems and digestive upset.

Great for the perennial garden or kitchen herbal garden. Zone 4

Tip: In March sow seeds in a well drained seed starting mixture, place in a warm sunny greenhouse, 14 days to germination then transplant to cell packs or individual pots. Transfer seedlings to the garden after the soil warms and threat of frost is past. You may wish to water then lightly in severe drought.

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