Allium-Purple Globemaster

Alliums make an early summer long lasting floral display and beneficial insects thrive on the pollen in the flowers. 

Plant bulbs in late fall in a well-drained part of the garden. Dig a hole, place bulbs, use organic rock fertilizer and cover with 4" of soil.  Mulch for winter. The bulbs will grow roots in the cool soil before the ground freezes and sprout when the ground thaws in spring. The leaves will grow first, and the flower stem will shoot up early June to 3' feet. Blooms are long lasting, will attract beneficial insects and can be used in bouquets. Bulbs will multiply naturally.

We offer mature large sized bulbs that have been grown out for 3 years.

Limited quantity. Available September 2024. 

3 mature bulbs for $19.95 

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