Mirabilis-4 O'clocks (Organic)

As we age, shifting the weight can be a little more challenging than mere exercise, caloric intake and motivation. 

The recipe as per the Secrets of the Native American herbal wisdom. Mirabilis root and dandelion root  combined can synergistically detoxify the liver, suppress the appetite, nourish the body and used as a cough remedy. Not to mention the aphrodisiac and anti-cancer effects as well. The root is a PRE-biotic which is food for gut PRO-biotic health. Second year roots can get quite large in fertile soils. 

Mixed colors for ornamental esthetics for those of you that value the beauty of a flowering garden.

Have patience, you are growing a "root" for harvest at the end of our short summer season. Roots can be overwintered in a cool cellar for the following year for seed production and to grow on for much larger roots. Mirabilis cannot withstand freezing soil temperatures. Store as you would for potatoes.

The roots are dried, cut and made into a tea. The roots can also be ground into a powder and used in a smoothie. Always do your research when trying something new and consult your physician if you are compromised in any way health-wise.

Tips: Mirabilis must be started from seed between mid January to March. The little seedlings have a long way to go to produce viable roots for harvest for herbal applications. Start seeds in a very well drained soil and water as needed. Plant out in warm summer soil in a raised bed or well drained fertile garden soil.

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