Luffa Sponge gourd

Sponge Luffa is also called Chinese Okra or Silk Squash or Angled Loofah . It is NOT a squash or an okra. Very hard to find the originating seed for this naturally grown skin exfoliating sponge gourd.

It is very late maturing and only recommended for the greenhouse in the Canadian climate.  We are currently working on breeding earlier varieties. This is a tropical species. 

We offer the original Loofah seed, species. 

Medicinal uses can be researched on this site.

Therapeutic Potential of Luffa acutangula: A Review on Its Traditional Uses, Phytochemistry, Pharmacology and Toxicological Aspects (


Start seed in the greenhouse to transplant out into sheltered warm and moist fertile soil in full sun. A pet project for longer growing summer seasons.  

10 seeds @ $9.95 per packet. 

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