Haskap-Russian blueberry-2 hybrid plants

Haskap is very very cold hardy with large berries that have a higher brix than blueberries. Brix 17! The berries hang in drupes and considered a Super Food.

Must have 2 different cultivars to cross X pollinate. We offer the largest berry and cold hardy.

Bred for organic gardens, mildew and sunburn resistant.

They can grow to 6 feet, so picking is easy. You cannot buy this in your local grocery store, you must grow it yourself.

Used the same way as blueberries, but more hardy and disease resistant. A grower in Nova Scotia has been growing these varieties for a wine specialty.

Zone 2  !!! Grow in fertile well drained garden soil for best production. If you have more alkaline soils as in southern Ontario, you can grow Haskap rather than blueberries that require an acid soil. Haskaps are more forgiving and have that same blueberry look and taste.

More information about this wonderful berry: About Haskap - Haskap Canada Association

2 different cultivar hybrids, large plants. These are NOT tiny plugs that other mail order businesses offer.

2 different cultivars plant package @ $49.95

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