Weaker Canadian Food System

août 19, 2020

Weaker Canadian Food System

The hidden cost of online shopping.

"As more Canadians move their grocery shopping online, consumers and other businesses in the food supply chain may end up paying a steep price for the convenience, The Toronto Star reports. Walmart Canada, for instance, has shifted the cost of its e-commerce onto suppliers, charging an extra five per cent on products sold online in what appears to be setting a precedent for grocers. The added costs could ultimately lead to less variety and quality in the food supply, higher prices and a "weaker Canadian food system," analysts told the Star."

It may be high time to start your own garden for cheaper high quality food or buy from a local farmer.

Many of the vegetable "seed" crops did not get planted in 2020 due to Covid lockdowns. 35 million new gardeners in the U.S. alone. Less supply, more demand. We are seeing shortages since last March in the seed industry. 2021 will be interesting.

Seeds are the wealth under pinning food production systems and the currency for food security.

Know Farmer, know Food. NO FARMER, NO FOOD.