Tomato, Big Red (organic)

This tomato can reach up to 3 pounds! My 93 year old mother-in-law was mortified and really didn't believe it was real! In one of these pictures, Big Red is sitting next to a Huge Puff Ball mushroom.

This variety has shown drought & disease tolerance in our summer of 2019. The skin did not crack under drought conditions. It is productive, tasty & meaty. A little later to mature but we think that was because of such severe drought, we do not irrigate.

Staking variety. 

Tips:  Grow 2 to 3 fruits per plant by leaving only 2-3 of the largest double flowers on the plant ,pinch all other flowers off. We have posted a picture here of what the flowers should look like. All of the plants' energy will be directed to those selected flowers/fruits for size. If you choose to leave all the flowers for fruit, then the energy will be directed proportionately and the bottom tomatoes will be large and smaller towards the top of the plant. 

Size is based on genetics, management, timing, warm long season and very fertile soil.

Start tomato seeds in late March to transplant out into the garden once the soil warms up and the threat of frost is past.

Planting early in cold soil will shock your transplant and it will not grow any faster.

12 seeds per pkt. @ $9.95 pkt.

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