Tat Choy-Burgundy

Burgundy Tat Choy is the same plant as Tat Choy (green variety) except in a dark shade of burgundy for extra color.

Tat Choy, also called Chinese flat cabbage, is a mustard green type brassica which has spoon shaped leaves. Used in Asian dishes as a stir fry or fancy salad green. High in Vitamin C, potassium, calcium. Compact plants.  Mild mustard flavour. Selected for colour and strong stems. Great for early spring plantings in cool moist fertile soils. Can be grown for sprouting. Can start harvesting in 25 days and matures in 45 days.

Tip: Start in flats in April for transplanting out into the garden Mid May depending on favourable weather conditions. 

100 seeds @ $4.95  

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