Summer squash-Siciliano Cucuzza (Organic)

Siciliano Cucuzza or Saxophone is an  traditional Italian heirloom variety used in the famous Siciliano soup.

Can't find this in the grocery store, you gotta know somebody or grow it yourself!

Soup: sauté chopped onion, small chunks of squash (peeled & remove large seeds), salt and pepper in olive oil. Add a little vegetable or chicken broth. Let simmer with a lid until all the vegetables are soft. Alternative recipes include a few chucks of parmasan cheeze, fresh basil, tsp. brown sugar and tomato sauce. Be creative.

While making the Siciliano soup in the kitchen, don't forget your wine!

Open pollinated summer squash grown on a trellis for straight long fruits. Very long!

65 days growing for young squash.

Start seeds Mid May to transplant to fertile warm garden soil in full sun. This is a trellising variety that is ready to eat at 3 ' feet long. Can grow 2" inches per day in ideal conditions.

15 seeds @ $9.95 per packet



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