Persian Cress

This is a very versatile annual that matures quickly. There are many different plants commonly called cress, the variety Persian Cress is edible and also used as an easy-to-grow greenery in summer bouquets. Display it and eat it! The leaves have a mild peppery flavour. It has been used medicinally and culinary in the Ancient Greek and Roman Empires.

Grows to a height of 36 inches. Matures in 70 days for bouquet stems, but you can start cutting and using any part of the plant as early as 25 days for a healthy green.

Persian cress is a good source of vitamin K, A & C. The leaves are also a source of fiber to regulate the digestive tract, potassium to balance fluid levels within the body.

Start seeds to transplant out to warm garden soil. Early to produce seeds if not cut or eaten.

100 seeds @ $7.95 per packet

Limited quantity because it sells out fast.


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