Garlic - Pearl (Organic)

Pearl garlic is a mono-bulb garlic, a single clove garlic. Mild flavoured and slightly perfumed. Mild enough to be mashed in potatoes. We have found this variety to be hardy on our farm. It has been grown in the Himalayan Mountains for over 7000 years!!!

This pearl garlic is very easy to use in a Chinese recipe called "Laba" which is garlic pickled in rice vinegar with a little sugar. Simply 1 single bulb to peel.

We plant the garlic cloves October 20th when the soil is cool and worked. Plant 4 inches deep in very well drained soil with high fertility and organic fertilizer. The cloves will start to make roots prior to winter and will be ready to sprout early spring of the following year. Putting a straw mulch on your garlic patch at the first signs of sprouting will keep the soil moist, cool and weed free. Cut of the garlic scapes that appear early summer to allow all the growing energy to divert towards the bulbs. This variety will mature bulbs and be ready to be pulled up in mid July. Hang to dry in a warm, dark and dry place.

Limited Quantity.

All bulbs and plant materials are shipped on a Monday to allow a full week of travel time through the post. 

Please Pay for the Heavy Goods Shipping as these roots will require a box.

Tip: read our blog for garlic

5 bulbs-Shipped in fall 2023

Certified Organic.  $12.95 for 5 bulbs (this variety does not have cloves)

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