Gourd-Spiny gourd

Momordica dioica, commonly known as spiny gourd or spine gourd is a species of flowering plant belonging to family Cucurbitaceae along with squash and pumpkins. Bitter gourd, a species related to kakrol, has been shown to have pharmacological properties including anti-diabetic and anti-steatotic effects. The plant is native to tropical regions on Asia with extensive distribution in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Japan, South East Asia, Polynesia besides tropical Africa and South America. It is used as a vegetable in all regions of India and some parts in South Asia; it has commercial importance and is exported and used locally. The fruits are cooked with spices, or fried and sometimes eaten with meat or fish. The plant has got several common names including Balsam Pear, Spine gourd, Bristly Carolaho, spiny gourd, kantola, Small bitter gourd, Teasle Gourd, Kakrol, Kankro, Kartoli, Kantoli, Kantroli and Ban karola.


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