Pumpkin-Atlantic Giant (Organic)

This giant pumpkin was grown by Phil Hunt, approximately 30 km from our farm, and weighed in at approximately 1950 lbs.! My two sons, my nephew and I are posing for this picture. The remnants of this pumpkin went to feed our sheep.....not a Baaaad idea.

Giant pumpkins are very hungry vegetables, best grown on a warm compost heap with plenty of water. Competition size is achieved with lots of tender loving care. Best grown in a hoop house for competition with large amounts of compost, kelp (natural growth hormone), rock fertilizers, lots of water and HEAT! 

Organic specimens can reach 400-500 pounds for decoration or a family picture. 

Experience is required to grow competition size.

Tip: Read our blog for more suggestions on growing giant pumpkins.

You are paying for genetics for huge pumpkins grown out from the pictures you see here. Not for the faint at heart.

5 seeds for $19.95 limited qty.


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