Basswood, also called Lindenwood are indigenous to this area making it through the toughest of winters and summer droughts. Germination is generally low for this species, about 30%. Seeds are locally harvested from 60 foot tall specimens. Generally considered a softwood, it can start producing seed in as little as 8 years.

Basswood honey is Devine, having a mild, minty, smooth and delicate tasting flavour. 

The picture here is of our own Basswood tree, when in bloom, our honeybees are euphoric BEEyond BEElief!

The leaves can BEE made into tea. In folk medicine it has been used to sooth anxiety, lower blood pressure and soothe digestion.

Seeds must be stratified for 3 months in moist free draining soil to break dormancy. Seeds are fresh from 2020 harvest.

Limited quantity.

25 native seeds @ $9.95 per packet

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