Seed starting 101- modus operandi! "THE RECIPE"

October 18, 2019

Seed starting 101- modus operandi!

This is Sawyer, my ten year old son (he is now 16) starting garden seeds and transplanting "WEE" seedlings.... here is "the recipe": 


  • Use organic sterilized potting soil "mix" which includes fine grade peat, perlite, and vermiculite inoculated with mycorrhizae. We mix a little extra perlite for drainage as in the photo.
  • Add a few grains of certified organic balanced fertilizer as the peat is "inert" and lacking plant nutrients.
  • Water gently. Too much water may rot seeds and plant roots. Too little, may dry tender seedlings. The soil should be moist to touch, not soaking wet or parched dry.

Tips & method

  • Mix all the dry ingredients with a little water which will help keep the dust down and allow the soil to settle in containers.
  • Sow seeds on the surface of the soil mix and simply sprinkle the appropriate amount of soil mix on top to cover them. Gently spray the covered seeds with water, Put newly sown seeds aside in a warm sunny spot till germination. Soil should be moist to the touch, do not let dry out or water too much. 
  • Transplant seedlings in containers using a dinner fork for ease and press them in gently, then water again till droplets form on the drainage holes.
  • Place newly transplanted seedlings in a semi-shaded spot for a few days to settle and recover from the stress of transplanting.
  • Plant vegetable and annual flower transplants out in warm garden soil, June 10th for our garden. Transplanting too early into cold garden soil will shock the plants and stunt them. Exception to this rule are the Brassica family, Allium family, perennials and bareroot stock which prefers the cool moist soil of spring.