Indigenous peoples in agriculture. A dynamic cropping method!

July 22, 2020

Indigenous peoples in agriculture. A dynamic cropping method!

Three sisters comes to mind and what does this have to do with gardening anyway?

Three sisters is all about the American Indigenous People growing and farming food harmoniously with Mother Nature and scientifically optimizing land resource for food production.....Sustainability:-)

Three Sisters represents corn, squash and beans utilizing the same space at the same time within the growing season. In other words, the corn grows vertically, the squash grows by sprawling on the the soil surface and the beans feed the corn by fixing nitrogen in the soil out of the air, the beans are able to climb up onto the corn stalks for sunlight to fix chlorophyll for growth.

Corn is starch, squash is vitamins & minerals, and beans are protein.....all can be stored through  the winter months for a healthy diet.

We practice the "wisdom ways" here on the farm and our "Three Sisters" are growing extremely well year after year. The picture here was taken July, 2020 of our own corn breeding programme, this variety reaches a whopping 13 feet!

Happy Three Sisters Gardening!