Navajo Tea-Greenthread

Thelesperma (greenthread), is native perennial flower to North America. It is recognized in the Ark of Taste. We first tasted this tea at a Farmer's Market in New Mexico, infused with a little lemon and honey.

This species prefers neutral dry or gravelly soil, perhaps plant in the rock garden. It survives very well on the sides of roads.

Traditionally, the plant is harvested  as the flower buds open. Leaves and flowers are then washed, dried in the sun and then are steeped in boiling water for five to ten minutes. Unsweetened, the tea tastes slightly sweet and mild, aromatic like a standard green tea.

Medicinally, Greenthread tea is a mild diuretic and is consequently recognized as beneficial for the kidneys. It is similarly known to purify the blood.

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