Cucumber- Some Good Pickle (organic)

In 2018, we won 1st prize with this variety at the Canadian National Exhibition.

"Some Good Pickle" has powdery mildew resistance and other disease tolerance for short seasoned areas. Matures in 55 days from transplant......or shorter depending on your preference for pickling size. A great alternative for the organic gardener!

Cucumbers like warm and fertile soil. Our Amish friend informed us that a beehive close by will pollinate and increase production by double. Now that's value!

See our pollinator/butterfly flower mix of 14 different varieties of herbs & flowers-all child and pet friendly plants will attract beneficial insects to help pollinate cucumber flowers.

Tip: Start seeds in April in a starter soil seeding mixture, moist soil to the touch and in a warm sunny spot for good germination. Plant out in warm soils after the threat of frost and the days are consistently warm. 

$5.95 per packet (15 seeds per packet)

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