Corn-Honey Drip- sh2 open-pollinated (Organic)

Exclusive breeding. Developed here in the City of Kawartha Lakes, zone 4. It took 9 years to produce this variety. 

One of the only open-pollinated sh2 varieties on the market. Early and delicious. Cobs are 7" inches on 5' foot stalks with YELLOW kernels. Short stalks are sustainable.

You can save your own seed from this variety. 

This super sweet corn tastes like old timey corn flavour with a sweet burst surprise....a double whammy! The sh2 super sweet genetics have holding capacity in the field giving it a 2 week window of flavour after maturity. Children will love this one. 

Tip:  This open pollinated variety has the "shrunken sh2" gene. Soaking seed overnight before planting out in warm garden soil (after danger of frost) will help germination.  Do not plant in cold soil.

Note: corn will cross with other types of corn.

Limited quantity. 

50 seeds @ $9.95 each packet

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