Gladiolus-Butterfly (Organic)-seeds

This variety is the earliest of the gladiolus for our growing zone 4 and also does well in our clay loam soil where the large hybrid varieties do not. They grow approx. 2.5 feet tall, disease free and stunning in a bouquet. The flowers hold well. Seed is selected from our best stock. Most often, a "mature" corm will create 3 bulbs at the end of the growing season. A vibrant color mixture.

Limited quantity-2 years from seed to flower. Experience required.

Tip: Sow seeds in February in a well drained seed starter soil mix. Cover lightly with soil. Germination will take 4-5 weeks. Keep the soil moist to the touch and warm. Fertilize with an organic fertilizer. Set out in warm fertile soil once the threat of frost is past. Important: do not separate the seedlings, gently take the seedling ball from the pot without disturbing the seedlings and transplant to the garden and grow to form corms during the summer. You will set them back if you start pulling apart the tender seedlings. Corms must be lifted in September, dried and stored in a cool root cellar for the next season.

25 seeds per packet @ $9.95


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