The Great Pumpkin!

أكتوبر 18, 2019

The Great Pumpkin!

This giant pumpkin was grown by Phil Hunt, approximately 30 km from our farm, and weighed in at approximately 1950 lbs.! My two sons, my nephew and I are posing for this picture. The remnants of this pumpkin went to feed our sheep.....not a Baaaad idea.

(Pumpkin seeds are high in healthy omega fatty acids and also a natural de-wormer.)

General Tips for growing "THE BIG ONE"

  • GENETICS!!!! Giant competition pumpkins such as this one have the genetics to grow massive, buy seeds from proven stock, we have varieties listed on the shop site and a limited quantity of seeds from the pumpkin shown in this picture. First come, first served!
  • Long growing season for the largest pumpkins. Seeds are started early May in 6-inch pots with organic free-draining potting mix and organic fertilizer. Guard your plants from early frost and cool weather. Planting out end of May must be in very warm soil, if not.....wait till the first week of June or plant in a protected hoop house.
  • Space to grow the Big One. Vines will sprawl as far as you will let them therefore cut the vine tips at 10 feet to allow for side shoots which will help to feed the Big One.
  • The Big One is a very heavy feeder. The whole growing area must be weed-free and sitting on 2 feet of compost enriched with rock fertilizers and kelp which has over 60 trace minerals and has a natural growth hormone.
  • Grow 2 fruits per plant. As the season progresses, eliminate the smallest fruit to allow all the plant's energy to be channeled towards the growing of one gigantic pumpkin.
  • Lots of water for fast growth! At the end of the growing season the Big One will use up as much as 50 gallons of water per day to sustain rapid growth and size. (collect as much rainwater as possible to conserve water supplies).
  • Pests may be a problem. Attract beneficial insects by planting a pollinator mixture of flowers and herbs next to your precious Big One. Beneficial insects can help to cope with negative pest pressure..
  • Rotation is not necessary if you are taking calculated precautions of amending the soil with organic compost/rock fertilizers. Growing fall cover crops will maintain soil fertility and prevent nutrient leaching. Check out our cover crop section for more tips.

Practice makes perfect therefore get a good book on growing giant pumpkin, get some advice from a local grower of giant pumpkins and have fun growing....."THE BIG ONE"!